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Job dissatisfaction in the UK is overwhelming. We believe this is in large part due to the fact that peoples individuality are largely ignored, especially those of an introverted temperament. Today, businesses specifically want their workers to blindly follow their rules without giving any reasonable explantion for their existence whether or not they make any real world sense. Managers don’t manage, but dictate because they’re ego says ‘they know best’, and the average workers idea’s are ignored, or worse, riduculed.

Over the last 100 years our culture has suffered a massive shift in what it values in an employee. ‘People skills’, ‘team players’ and ’emotional intelligence’ are a part of every single job ad, regardless of whether these are the actual skills that are really required for that position. A large part of the population doesn’t naturally fit into this mold, and while those skills hold value in some area’s, they can be detrimental in others. People who are outspoken and more animated in expressing themselves may be promoted for those traits regardless of whether others are far more suitable for that position.

We want to encourage and reward businesses who break this mold. Our Workers Liberty Seal is awarded to businesses who think differently about their workforce and are an active part of making these changes possible. We believe that all workers should be given the opportunity to work in an environment that makes an effort to make use of their individual strengths whether that be their outgoing personality, or their ability to solve problems without the detrimental distraction of their colleagues.

The UK work place needs to change. The days where people were expected to carry themselves with quiet dignity and honour were not perfect. Today where people are reward for being outgoing or being able to work as a part of a team are not perfect either. Some people work better on their own and ‘group think’ can cause nothing but problems for a business. In other circumstances, people working together in a group can change entire industries. The modern workplace needs to utilise both and individuals need to be given the opportunity to shine whether they be extroverted or introverted.

We will update with more information in the coming months as well as recognise businesses for their achievements in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Please check back soon.